Are you a law firm with capacity to do extra work?

What We Offer You

Joining our All Courts National Network will benefit your firm in 3 ways:

  1. You will receive agency bookings in your area from other lawyers in the Network;
  2. You will have access through us to over 500 Network lawyers to do agency work for you at our fixed fees at any Australian court or tribunal;
  3. You will receive Client Referrals in your area through our Go To Court referral system (subject to availability).

What You Need to Offer Us

Joining our All Courts National Network is completely free. However, we do need you to be:

  1. Experienced and skilled in criminal and/or civil and/or family law;
  2. Able to appear in court and/or accept client appointments at short notice;
  3. Consistently reliable.

If you are interested, please complete the Application below and we will be in touch!

James Stevens
Principal Solicitor
All Courts Lawyers


James Stevens_principal AllCourts


Founder and C.E.O., All Courts